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Luna, the White Owl

Luna is the rock star of the Peace River Wildlife Center in Punta Gorda, FL. Here’s a picture I took of PG’s adorable “leucistic” screech owl, born without feather pigment. (A hiker found Luna, probably only hours old, thinking someone had dropped a tissue on the ground.) The PRWC takes in and cares for wildlife patients, returning those that can survive to the wild. Luna’s white feathers make him vulnerable to predators, so he’s a permanent resident.

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Bob Crowley
Bob Crowley
12 feb

so luna is from a good screech owl family that would never willing abandon it !! I think there is more to this story but luna is apparently not talking, for personal reasons?

Me gusta
Patrice McDonough
Patrice McDonough
13 feb
Contestando a

Luna is the small, silent type, so we'll never know. One theory is that he was rejected and ejected from the nest because of his odd color--or lack of it. Other wildlife experts dispute this. Whatever the story, he gets a lot of love at the PRWC. The first time I saw Luna, his cage was stuffed with fan letters from kindergarteners!

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