Murder by Gaslight (not published)

In Victorian London in the pandemic year of 1866 "creeping fogs make the atmosphere palpable and fear travels on the wind.” Two predators stalk the East End: “King Cholera,” a disease that kills with savage abandon, and a madman who

slaughters his prey with exacting vengeance. The epidemics of murder and disease are linked. Doctor Julia Lewis and Inspector Rick Turner of Scotland Yard collaborate to bring those dark connections to light.

Asked to consult on the case, Julia struggles to understand the “morbid desires that fester, unseen,” the mind behind the murders and mutilations. At the edges of the investigation are hints of scandal—a world of “rent boys” and “molly-houses,” a demimonde where men risk arrest to pursue their passions.  Before long, the doctor’s role shifts from medical expert to target of the killer. And while Julia and Rick search for clues to the killer’s obsessions, they hide secrets of their own.  

The deadly game of cat and mouse reaches its climax on a fog-shrouded day by a seedy, backwater canal. There, both the doctor and the detective must take desperate chances if Julia—the killer’s final quarry and the woman Rick loves—is to survive.



















Palace of Shadows (not published)

Set in France during the reign of Louis XIV, Palace of Shadows is a novel about secrets--family secrets and secrets of state. Sophie Villefort's life is shadowed by the unspoken. Her widowed father, the Count of Villefort, never mentions her mother nor the reason for a visit to their chateau by the King's chief of police. She overhears references to her mother and a long-ago scandal--a "sleeping scandal," her father calls it-- a story best left to rest. Sylvie always felt estranged from her father and struggles to understand why. She also hides secrets of her own.  You have "the touch," her mother's old nursemaid tells her, a gift of healing. Use it wisely, the old servant advises, but keep it hidden. "People don't always undertand gifts," she warns.

But just when Sylvie uncovers evidence of her mother's long-ago love affair with the artist who painted her portrait, the Count sends his daughter to live at the Palace of Versailles, the court of the Sun King. Under the care of Madame de Maintenon, the King's secret wife, Sylvie begins a journey from girlhood to maturity, from shadows to the light. At the court, she uncovers the hidden connections between her family's history and the fate of the King--links that reach back over generations.  And a whispered scandal that touched the court years ago also tainted Sylvie's family: the revelation of that buried story threatens her place at court.

When a sudden crisis threatens the King's dynasty, only Sylvie and her secret gift offer hope for the survival of the royal line. With the help of her friend, Charlotte, the Duchess of  Ventadour, and Paul Mercier, the young soldier Sylvie loves, she risks everything to come to the rescue of the royal house of the Sun King.

Nightfall in Paris ( briefly self-published as Clock Master's Daughter; withdrawn and revised).



Nightfall in Paris reveals the secret behind a classic tale—how the band of the Scarlet Pimpernel got its start. That story of revolution, rescue, and romance begins with Lucie Beaumont, the orphaned daughter of a village clock master, and a talented clockmaker herself. Amid the chaos of revolution, a desperate Lucie masterminds an audacious plot to rescue the man she loves.

In 1789, Lucie is thrust into alien worlds: the glittering Paris of her mother’s aristocratic family and the smoldering Paris of desperate people on the brink of revolt. The “City of Light” becomes a city of terrifying darkness as it descends into the savagery of the Reign of Terror, and Lucie’s love is jailed as an enemy of the people. Determined to rescue him, she devises a plan as intricate as the inner workings of a clock.  And in a race against time, Lucie pits her skills against the blade of “Madame Guillotine.”