The Clock Mistress

In 1789, Sophie Beaumont, daughter of a village clock master, grandaughter of a marquis, is thrust into alien worlds: the glittering Paris of her aristocratic family and the smoldering Paris of desperate people on the brink of revolt. Sophie’s friend Therese feels the pull of two worlds as well: the life she thought she wanted and the forbidden love she finds hard to resist.


Unbreakable bonds help the friends survive as Paris becomes a powder keg waiting for its match.  Men storm the Bastille; women, armed and angry, march on the Palace of Versailles.  The match is lit.


The “City of Light” becomes a city of terrifying darkness as it descends into the savagery of the Reign of Terror, and Sophie’s beloved is jailed as an enemy of the people. Determined to rescue him, Sophie devises a plan as intricate as the inner workings of a clock.  She enlists the aid of her friend Sir Percy Blakeney, and in a race against time, the clock master’s daughter pits her skills against the blade of “Madame Guillotine,” and the league of the Scarlet Pimpernel is born.