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Murder by Lamplight

In 1866, two killers stalk London’s East End: “king” cholera and a madman who mutilates his prey. 

When Doctor Julia Lewis arrives in place of her grandfather at the first gruesome murder scene, she shocks Inspector Richard Tennant by announcing she is there to examine the corpse. Julia, with an American medical degree, is an anomaly in Britain, where universities bar women from their doors. Nevertheless, Tennant grudgingly agrees to let her examine the victim, and their reluctant collaboration begins.


As the bodies mount, the killer scatters tantalizing clues and sends taunting letters to the police. The trail leads Tennant in multiple directions: to London’s music halls, the city’s grim workhouses, and the snaking sewers beneath the streets. The epidemics of murder and disease seem linked, and Tennant and Julia struggle to understand the murderer’s dark obsessions—while contending with secrets of their own.


Before long, Julia’s role shifts from the medical expert to the madman’s target, and the deadly contest reaches its climax along a fog-shrouded canal. There, the doctor and the detective take desperate chances to deny the killer his final victim—Julia.

















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