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Mary Beth Keane Book Signing

Mary Beth Keane, Kathleen Sandt, and Patrice McDonough at Ridgewood Library, 9/12/2023.

In The Half Moon, Mary Beth Keane explores how deception and divergent dreams derail love and passion. Malcolm and Jess Gephardt were a golden couple, but fundamental differences in character and judgment have tarnished their early glow. The story weaves back and forth in time, showing the reader how the marriage arrived at its perilous state. Keane anatomizes her flawed characters with an observant eye and generous heart. She is a master of those small, revealing moments that put us inside the heads of Malcolm and Jess, pivot points in a failing relationship.

Readers of Keane’s Ask Again, Yes who expect engaging story-telling and beautiful prose will love The Half Moon.

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